Master of Theology

Master of Theology (Th.M)

Entrance Requirements

Bachelors Degree from an accredited college, university or seminary

Course Requirements

  • Minimum of 60 credit hours
  • Maximum Advanced Standing: 15 hours

Required Courses

  • OT500 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • NT500 Introduction to the New Testament
  • BT505 Biblical Theology
  • CH500 Church History I
  • CH501 Church History II
  • NT503 New Testament Exegesis
  • OT503 Old Testament Exegesis
  • NT501 Basic New Testament Greek
  • OT501 Basic Old Testament Hebrew
  • BT502 Biblical Interpretation
  • PT500 Christ-centered preaching
  • PT501 Survey of Pastoral Ministry
  • SY500 Survey of Christian Theology
  • CH502 Patristic Theolog y
  • CH503 Reformation Theology
  • SY505 Apologetics
  • SY506 Contemporary Theology I
  • SY506 Contemporary Theology II


  • Application fee:$50
  • Total Tuition for the program:$5400.00
  • Graduation fee:$175

Textbooks NOT included

Financial Aid is available

    . To apply for financial aid:

    1. You have be admitted into ABU,
    2. You must fill out a financial aid application.